Hailing from the suburbs of Kansas City, Aaron moved to New York after graduating from the University of Kansas, where he studied journalism, among other subjects.

Beginning as an intern at the New York Daily News in 2004, he worked his way up as a freelancer and eventually onto the photo staff of New York City’s most widely-read newspaper.

More than a decade of working full-time at the NY Daily News gave him extensive experience covering an extraordinary diversity of assignments from every corner of New York City, from routine general news, to accidents and crime, trials and courts, entertainment and nightlife, stakeouts and door-knocks, red carpets and dark alleys, he is adept at documenting all facets of life in the big city.  In addition to multiple stints in the White House Press Pool, he was part of select pool coverage of the 9/11 Memorial opening and spent a full week straight in Sandy Hook following the school shootings.  His work has been distributed nationally and internationally.

Now a freelancer again, he is currently based in Brooklyn.